North American Skater
POSITION: Right Wing
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
BIRTHDATE: 1 April 1991
BORN IN: Winnipeg, MB, CAN
On his style of play: I'm definitely a power forward. I like to play both sides of the ice. That's one thing I try to do, is be responsible in the defensive zone, but at the same time I produce points offensively.

On patterning his game: My favorite player is Rick Nash from the Columbus Blue Jackets. I've always grown up liking Nash as a player. Definitely he's a really exciting player to watch. That's one of the players I can see myself playing like.

On getting his start in hockey:
I was brought into it really early. My father played in the NHL for 15 seasons. So I was born in Winnipeg when he played for the Jets. We moved around a bit to Boston, Calgary. But I was pretty much brought right back into it really early.

On his childhood hockey hero: The first one would have to be Cam Neely when my dad played for the Boston Bruins. That's one guy that always kind of stuck out as kind of a hard-nosed forward.

On developing a passion for the game: From just bouncing around, watching my dad play. A couple times when he was with the old-timers playing through that tour, I just remember being in the room with some of those guys, some memories of that.

On the biggest influences on his career:
Probably I'd have to say my father, Brent Ashton. He's coached me throughout my whole career. But definitely my grandpa, too. He was very involved. Talked to him about hockey, too. He's definitely a big influence in my life.

On being coached by his dad: Some people think different of it, but it was when I was younger. It was when I was pretty much a novice and pee-wee. But when I got to midget, he kind of stepped back and put it into my own hands. So that's how it's been lately.

On childhood hockey friends Brayden Schenn and Jimmy Bubnick: It’s definitely cool to have some close buddies still involved in hockey with you. We played summer hockey almost every year since we've been about, I'd say, 10 or 11. Then we got to play AAA (Saskatoon Contacts) together as a line. We also got to play for the Canadian Under-18 team. Definitely have close ties to each other. It's pretty cool.

On playing for Under-18 Team Canada and the World Junior Championships being hosted close to home in 2010:
Definitely that was a great honor. Just getting invited to camp was a big accomplishment. Then making the squad at camp. Definitely a great experience in my life. It was a lot of fun. 2010 (World Juniors) will be pretty fun, but that's pretty far away.

On how he likes to spend his time away from the rink: I like to spend some time in my cabin, and on my boat and fishing. That's one thing I like to do, is go to my cabin.