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1st 00:09NJDHitPatrick Davis hit Francois Beauchemin
1st 00:43NJDShotAndy Greene Snap Shot
1st 01:32TORHitDion Phaneuf hit Rob Niedermayer
1st 01:41TORHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Jay Pandolfo
1st 01:57NJDHitMike Mottau hit Jay Rosehill
1st 02:06NJDHitBrian Rolston hit Carl Gunnarsson
1st 03:03NJDShotJamie Langenbrunner Snap Shot
1st 03:13TORHitDion Phaneuf hit Travis Zajac
1st 03:21NJDHitJamie Langenbrunner hit Dion Phaneuf
1st 03:57TORHitGarnet Exelby hit Mike Mottau
1st 04:39TORShotFredrik Sjostrom Snap Shot
1st 04:40TORGoalNikolay Kulemin (11) Wrist Shot, assists: Fredrik Sjostrom (6), Rickard Wallin (4)
1st 05:02TORHitFredrik Sjostrom hit Dainius Zubrus
1st 05:13TORHitJay Rosehill hit Johnny Oduya
1st 05:37TORShotColton Orr Wrist Shot
1st 05:49TORHitGarnet Exelby hit Dean McAmmond
1st 05:52NJDShotBryce Salvador Snap Shot
1st 06:13TORShotTomas Kaberle Snap Shot
1st 06:37TORHitChristian Hanson hit Colin White
1st 06:48TORHitTyler Bozak hit Mike Mottau
1st 06:51TORPenaltyDion Phaneuf Fighting against Colin White
1st 06:51NJDPenaltyColin White Fighting against Dion Phaneuf
1st 06:51NJDPenaltyColin White Roughing against Jay Rosehill
1st 08:07TORShotCarl Gunnarsson Backhand
1st 09:34TORHitWayne Primeau hit Jamie Langenbrunner
1st 10:34NJDHitPatrick Davis hit Luke Schenn
1st 10:39NJDPenaltyRob Niedermayer Tripping against Garnet Exelby
1st 11:50TORShotCarl Gunnarsson Slap Shot
1st 12:49TORShotRickard Wallin Snap Shot
1st 13:06NJDHitMike Mottau hit Fredrik Sjostrom
1st 13:20NJDShotTravis Zajac Slap Shot
1st 13:27TORPenaltyJay Rosehill Fighting against Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond
1st 13:27NJDPenaltyPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond Fighting against Jay Rosehill
1st 14:04TORHitColton Orr hit Andy Greene
1st 14:40NJDShotJay Pandolfo Tip-In
1st 14:40TORHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Rob Niedermayer
1st 14:57TORHitTyler Bozak hit Jay Pandolfo
1st 15:07TORHitFrancois Beauchemin hit Niclas Bergfors
1st 15:20TORPenaltyChristian Hanson Hooking against Dainius Zubrus
1st 15:59NJDShotTravis Zajac Tip-In
1st 16:46TORHitDion Phaneuf hit Niclas Bergfors
1st 17:26NJDShotDainius Zubrus Snap Shot
1st 17:28NJDShotTravis Zajac Snap Shot
1st 17:36TORShotPhil Kessel Wrist Shot
1st 17:40TORShotDion Phaneuf Wrist Shot
1st 17:51TORHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Rob Niedermayer
1st 18:03NJDHitRob Niedermayer hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
1st 18:24NJDShotNiclas Bergfors Snap Shot
1st 18:55NJDHitZach Parise hit Luke Schenn
2nd 01:10NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Fredrik Sjostrom
2nd 01:26NJDHitJay Pandolfo hit Rickard Wallin
2nd 01:35TORShotLuke Schenn Snap Shot
2nd 02:20NJDHitZach Parise hit Garnet Exelby
2nd 02:23TORShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Snap Shot
2nd 02:23TORGoalPhil Kessel (18) Snap Shot, assists: Alexei Ponikarovsky (21), Tyler Bozak (6)
2nd 03:09NJDShotBryce Salvador Snap Shot
2nd 03:16NJDShotPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond Snap Shot
2nd 03:33TORPenaltyJay Rosehill Tripping against Dean McAmmond
2nd 05:47TORShotLee Stempniak Wrist Shot
2nd 06:12TORHitPhil Kessel hit Mike Mottau
2nd 06:44NJDShotBryce Salvador Snap Shot
2nd 07:11TORHitJohn Mitchell hit Andy Greene
2nd 07:40NJDShotJamie Langenbrunner Slap Shot
2nd 07:53NJDPenaltyPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond Interference against Garnet Exelby
2nd 08:14TORShotDion Phaneuf Slap Shot
2nd 09:56NJDShotDean McAmmond Snap Shot
2nd 10:24NJDShotDean McAmmond Snap Shot
2nd 10:26TORHitTomas Kaberle hit Niclas Bergfors
2nd 12:00TORHitTyler Bozak hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 12:15NJDHitBrian Rolston hit Carl Gunnarsson
2nd 12:34TORShotTomas Kaberle Wrist Shot
2nd 12:36NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Nikolay Kulemin
2nd 12:36NJDPenaltyMike Mottau Interference against Jay Rosehill
2nd 14:09TORGoalFrancois Beauchemin (5) Slap Shot, assists: Lee Stempniak (15), John Mitchell (8)
2nd 15:02TORHitLuke Schenn hit Jamie Langenbrunner
2nd 15:26TORShotFredrik Sjostrom Snap Shot
2nd 15:40NJDHitAndy Greene hit Tyler Bozak
2nd 15:45TORShotDion Phaneuf Slap Shot
2nd 15:49TORShotDion Phaneuf Wrist Shot
2nd 16:22TORShotTomas Kaberle Slap Shot
2nd 16:39NJDShotJay Pandolfo Wrist Shot
2nd 17:02TORHitFrancois Beauchemin hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 17:05NJDShotDainius Zubrus Wrist Shot
2nd 17:09NJDShotTravis Zajac Snap Shot
2nd 19:13TORHitDion Phaneuf hit Rob Niedermayer
2nd 19:37NJDShotDainius Zubrus Snap Shot
2nd 19:45TORShotJohn Mitchell Wrist Shot
3rd 00:16NJDShotDean McAmmond Wrist Shot
3rd 00:30NJDShotNiclas Bergfors Snap Shot
3rd 00:36NJDShotDean McAmmond Backhand
3rd 00:45TORHitTomas Kaberle hit Brian Rolston
3rd 00:59TORHitJohn Mitchell hit Mike Mottau
3rd 01:39TORHitNikolay Kulemin hit Johnny Oduya
3rd 02:25TORHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Andrew Peters
3rd 02:41NJDHitPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond hit Carl Gunnarsson
3rd 02:44NJDHitRob Niedermayer hit Christian Hanson
3rd 03:02TORShotChristian Hanson Snap Shot
3rd 03:10TORShotLee Stempniak Slap Shot
3rd 03:18TORHitJohn Mitchell hit Patrick Davis
3rd 03:48NJDShotAndy Greene Snap Shot
3rd 03:49TORHitTomas Kaberle hit Travis Zajac
3rd 03:53NJDShotJohnny Oduya Slap Shot
3rd 04:17TORHitFredrik Sjostrom hit Johnny Oduya
3rd 04:38TORHitDion Phaneuf hit Dean McAmmond
3rd 05:53TORHitJay Rosehill hit Andy Greene
3rd 07:17NJDHitBrian Rolston hit Carl Gunnarsson
3rd 07:51TORHitDion Phaneuf hit Rob Niedermayer
3rd 07:56TORHitCarl Gunnarsson hit Rob Niedermayer
3rd 08:25NJDHitAndrew Peters hit Lee Stempniak
3rd 08:50NJDHitPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond hit Rickard Wallin
3rd 09:06TORShotRickard Wallin Wrist Shot
3rd 09:25TORHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Colin White
3rd 09:53NJDShotBrian Rolston Slap Shot
3rd 10:29TORHitLuke Schenn hit Niclas Bergfors
3rd 11:29NJDHitPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
3rd 12:03NJDShotZach Parise Slap Shot
3rd 12:13NJDShotAndrew Peters Tip-In
3rd 12:22TORHitFredrik Sjostrom hit Andy Greene
3rd 13:02TORShotNikolay Kulemin Wrist Shot
3rd 13:38TORShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Slap Shot
3rd 13:56TORHitChristian Hanson hit Mike Mottau
3rd 14:51NJDShotNiclas Bergfors Wrist Shot
3rd 15:32NJDHitBrian Rolston hit Carl Gunnarsson
3rd 16:28NJDShotDainius Zubrus Slap Shot
3rd 16:38TORHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Travis Zajac
3rd 17:05NJDHitZach Parise hit Dion Phaneuf
3rd 17:17TORHitChristian Hanson hit Travis Zajac
3rd 17:30TORHitLuke Schenn hit Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond
3rd 17:56NJDHitPierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond hit Luke Schenn
3rd 18:37TORHitFredrik Sjostrom hit Rob Niedermayer
3rd 18:46TORHitNikolay Kulemin hit Niclas Bergfors
3rd 19:19TORHitFrancois Beauchemin hit Rob Niedermayer
3rd 19:36NJDShotZach Parise Snap Shot
3rd 19:58NJDShotDainius Zubrus Slap Shot
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2M. FraserD00-10011:34
5C. WhiteD00-10717:44
6A. GreeneD0002028:07
8D. ZubrusC00-15020:02
9Z. PariseL00-12019:39
11D. McAmmondC0004015:05
12B. RolstonR00-11019:59
14P. DavisR0000012:34
18N. BergforsR00-13014:26
19T. ZajacC00-14016:51
20J. PandolfoL0002016:09
21R. NiedermayerC0000216:11
24B. SalvadorD0002016:53
25A. PetersL000105:31
27M. MottauD00-10222:10
29J. OduyaD00-11020:36
35Y. Danis2326.88560:00
2L. SchennD0001021:21
3D. PhaneufD0014524:21
7G. ExelbyD000006:11
11F. SjostromL0112016:56
12L. StempniakR0102018:17
15T. KaberleD0013020:35
18W. PrimeauC000005:09
20C. HansonC0001215:47
22F. BeaucheminD1011024:49
23A. PonikarovskyL0112019:38
28C. OrrR000105:18
36C. GunnarssonD0012022:43
38J. RosehillL000074:59
39J. MitchellC0101018:01
41N. KuleminL1012014:37
42T. BozakC0110019:07
51R. WallinC0112018:01
81P. KesselR1012020:10
35J. Giguere30301.00060:00
scoring summary
1st Period
04:40TOR Nikolay Kulemin (11) ASST: Fredrik Sjostrom (6), Rickard Wallin (4) 1 - 0 TOR
2nd Period
02:23TOR Phil Kessel (18) ASST: Alexei Ponikarovsky (21), Tyler Bozak (6) 2 - 0 TOR
14:09TOR PPG - Francois Beauchemin (5) ASST: Lee Stempniak (15), John Mitchell (9) 3 - 0 TOR
3rd Period
penalty summary
1st Period
06:51TOR Dion Phaneuf  Fighting (maj) against  Colin White
06:51NJD Colin White  Fighting (maj) against  Dion Phaneuf
06:51NJD Colin White  Roughing against  Jay Rosehill
10:39NJD Rob Niedermayer  Tripping against  Garnet Exelby
13:27NJD Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond  Fighting (maj) against  Jay Rosehill
13:27TOR Jay Rosehill  Fighting (maj) against  Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond
15:20TOR Christian Hanson  Hooking against  Dainius Zubrus
2nd Period
03:33TOR Jay Rosehill  Tripping against  Dean McAmmond
07:53NJD Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond  Interference against  Garnet Exelby
12:36NJD Mike Mottau  Interference against  Jay Rosehill
3rd Period
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/21/4
Faceoff Wins1626
Blocked Shots1517
Penalty Minutes1814
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